Pinky Paradise Contacts Review!

So, I actually first heard of Pinky Paradise from a Miles Jai video! I checked them out in hopes of finding some nice contacts that are not only fit for my Nepeta/Meulin cosplay, but are also prescription (since I can’t see for shit without my actual contacts harhurhaurauhr). I ordered a pair of Vassen Sweet Eye Green contacts, which I am wearing right now!

So, here’s a general breakdown of the whole experience:


Pinky Paradise has an impressive selection of beautifully colored contacts, which is neatly organized by either color or brand. There are also many different styles of contacts to suit your preferences, whether you want those really kawaii purple anime eyes, or just a very subtle difference with your natural eye color. One thing to note is that there is no selection of yellow contacts (yet), and that there are no super dramatic eye altering effects (ie: cat eyes, dead eyes, etc). Another thing of notice is that NOT EVERY PAIR OF CONTACTS ARE PRESCRIPTION ENABLED, so be VERY careful when making your purchase!


The base price for most of the colored contacts are about $20-$25. However, this does NOT include shipping and handling. After shipping and handling, depending on how fast you want your contacts in, the price jumps from around $30 (for 14-20something days), $40 (for 3-4 days), or $50 (for 2-3 days). So, if you’re not in a rush to get a certain cosplay finished, I would suggest simply getting the lowest shipping price. These are high quality contacts, plus they’re being shipped from a different country, so I feel that the prices are fair.


If you’re an idiot like me who ordered the contacts in the wrong prescription, you still have a chance to save yourself. Unfortunately, you can’t change the prescription manually yourself - you’ll have to send a message to customer support PROMPTLY letting them know about your situation and the correction that needs to be made. I got a reply via email about 2 days after I sent in my request letting me know that my contacts had been changed to the proper prescription. Another thing to note is that unlike Ebay and Amazon who send you an email notification of when your product has shipped, Pinky Paradise does not have that service. They do, however, allow you to see the process of your order through your account, so just keep a watchful eye on that.


The contacts I’m currently wearing are super comfortable, fit nicely, and allow me to see just like my normal contacts. They are slightly bigger than my normal contacts, but that’s only because they’re meant to make your eyes look bigger. The only problem is that I’m finding that they’re drying out a little faster than my normal contacts, but that could just be me. They are meant to be worn only 8 hours a day, but can last for a whole year, if properly taken care of (ie: taken out after 8 hours, kept in a clean contact solution in a clean case, not worn to bed, etc etc).


What I love most about Pinky Paradise is the fact that they give you a free pair of contact cases! And not just normal, run of the mill cases - adorable little animal shaped cases in different colors! You can even specify which kind of case you want in the comment section of your purchase! Another really neat thing is that, if you look around enough, there are people always giving out promotional codes that allow you to get a free mystery goody! I used “MilesJaiProductions” as mine, and I received a little package of hair accesories (not sure how to use them tho lol). If you’d like, you can also affiliate yourself with Pinky Paradise, which allows you to receive a certain percentage of commission every time someone buys something from the store using your special affiliate link!


I would most definitely recommend Pinky Paradise to anyone wanting to find high quality, comfortable colored contacts, either for cosplay or for casual wear, ESPECIALLY for those like me who have a hard time finding prescription colored contacts! Definitely thinking of buying some more contacts in the future. :33

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